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In those moments when a dark cloud is over your head and you don't know which direction to take, I will coach YOU to bring the light back into your life.

Have you ever been afraid to say what you think?

Have you ever suffered from anxiety or depression?

Are you afraid of authority?

Do you feel like you cannot fulfil your dreams?

Lets talk.

I can help you. As your coach I am responsible for guiding you when you are finding challenges in your life. I support you through helping you set postive goals, guiding you through personal growth, and when necessary helping modifying your behaviour so you can take control of your life and feel happy again.

My job is to inspire you to take the steps you need to move your life in a positive direction, helping you feel joy, to be proud of your decisions and in control of your future.

Please feel free to contact me for a no obligation initial chat.

Lets create the life of your dreams together.

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m. 021 270 7796

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