Toni Houghton - coach

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I help empower people and organisations to realise their strengths and potential

About Toni Houghton

When I work with people, my ultimate goal is to enable them to adapt, thrive and reveal their innate potential and strength.

I am self-employed and my husband and I co-own a company with offices operating in different regions. I understand the public sector work environment from both team member and managerial perspectives and have worked with, and for, not-for-profit organisations. This varied experience enables me to understand work challenges and drivers across a range of sectors.

Organisational Development

Through organisational development I can help you improve productivity, staff retention rates and client engagement. I work with small businesses, not-for-profit organisations and the public sector.

Using a strengths-based approach can help your organisation to work as a high-performing team, focussed on the organisation's goals and allowing each person to bring their best each day.

I can help you develop a team approach that eases some of the day to day pressures and let you keep your big picture plans in view.

I work with managers to develop their ability to have on-going strengths-based conversations with their staff and to develop a strengths-based culture.


I provide a range of CliftonStrengths/StrengthsFinder based coaching options to government departments, small businesses and not-for-profit organisations across New Zealand. I use the CliftonStrengths tool to understand your talents and develop them.


I provide a safe place to explore your work challenges so that you are able to provide the best quality service and support those with whom you work.


  • Toni is a Gallup trained CliftonStrengths coach for individuals (2010) and teams (2011)

  • Gallup High-performance Management course (2015)

  • Public sector manager (1999-2011)

  • Qualified and experienced external professional supervisor (Certificate in Supervision 2007)

Contact Details

m. 027 606 7235